CFSC - Coalition For Fire Safe Communities
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It doesn't need to be a disaster...

The Coalition for Fire Safe Communities plan disables massive wildfires by containing them in canyons and diminishing the spread of fires over ridgelines and down into neighboring canyons.

 This system acts as a network of virtual levees and dams. Levees channel rivers and while dams hold back floods. In the CFSC system firefighters channel fires along defensible firebreaks on  North-South ridges, just like a levees, and impair progress toward the ocean, on East-West ridgelines, just like dams, utilizing installed firebreaks and hydrants. 

Six new water tanks are planned holding a total of 9.5 million gallons of water for firefighting purposes only.  These additional water tanks would be connected to the municipal supply and feed a series of six to eight inch water mains with traditional fire hydrants, installed along ridgelines.